I was lucky enough to catch a Leprechaun, disguised as an “ordinary man”, married him and live happily ever since with him in USA. I am a very optimistic person and also am very empathic, so when I meet someone who is sad or down, I kind of ‘need’ to smile at him/her and maybe give him/her a hug. I love to drink in the beauty of Mother Earth and will do what I can to preserve what she still has in store for us. I believe deeply that we are all equal no matter if our skin is black, white, red, brown, yellow – well, matter of fact, if it would be purple striped or green checkered, it’s the heart that matters to me.




Who I'd like to meet:

People who are able to say what they think and believe in, and doing so without aggression and so do not threaten, hurt or belittle our fellow Beings – be it humans, animals, plants, minerals, etc.; who set examples in things I can accept and believe myself – especially when it comes to environmental issues, solutions against war, hunger, negativity, etc., on our sacred Mother Earth and beyond; Native and non-native people and from different backgrounds – “ordinary and extraordinary, masters and students” – in other words: people just like you and me. Also I would like to meet the ones we can’t perceive through our “normal” senses: Spirit Guides and Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits, and all those unseen Beings who are able and willing to help Mother Earth and all of her children.




Ancient civilizations, including, but not limited to, Lemuria and Atlantis; Stars and Universe; Energy Work and Healing; spiritual learning/development; 2012; crystals and minerals; singing, listening to and playing music(drum, flute, guitar); sculpting in/working with clay; painting(water colors, acrylics); laughing with/smiling at people; and of course swimming in turquoise/blue-green waters, letting go and being held only by the infinite and unconditional love of All-That-Is.




Everything that let’s me “dream” and/or sink into a wonderful state of “Bliss”, i.e. Meditation- and Healing Music; Whales and Dolphins as well as Loons; Wind in trees and oceans and music inspired by nature; “angelic” voices(I got told that I have one myself(smiling)).




Whale Rider, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, but also An Inconvenient Truth, Schindler’s List, to name just a few.




Can’t stand Soap’s and stuff like that, but that’s just me. Everything like National Geographic, the Travel Channel, History Channel, Learning Channel, etc., I do turn on if they air something that interests me.




Spiritual books, Mayan and Hopi Prophecies, The Secret, The Power of Now, A New Earth, The Gaia Project 2012, etc; Books/Comics by Jean Effel.




My Leprechaun-Husband and my family; my Guardian Angel; Light Workers, People who create for the Good of All and for enjoyment.