Dear friends,

this here is a very magical, but also very true - and normal(!) story.


A very macigal trade


A few month ago I had a tiny red glass bead in my hand and suddenly the thought came to my mind to offer it to the earth/fairy folk or whoever would like to have it.


So I looked for a good place to put it and made a small indention in the wooden hand railing of the porch, so the bead could not roll or be blown off or washed off in case it rained. Not even a hand couldget it out by accident holding on to the rail.


Nobody came to see us that day and even so, nobody would have noticed it anyway. 

But the very next day that little bead was gone and instead there were three little tiny rocks laying in the exact place!


Today when Tonya and I were looking at some of my treasures I found these little rocks again and remembered this wondrous Happening and told her, she laughed and said she knew about it because she remembered a very excited Mom calling her that day!


Love and hugs,

Veronika twb


The golden bug


Something different, I never talked about it earlier, but since now everybody here in this wonderful group is writing about their experiences, I want to share a little about my experiences also(smiling):


A while ago Griff and I was standing outside on our then deck (now porch) and my Chocolate Vine was rambling up the hand rail, when I suddenly was drawn to a particular part of the vine. There I saw a tiny bug, in the shape of a lady bug,

but - it was SHINY GOLD, like the color of a new wedding band! Gently I held my hand there and without hesitation it crawled on it.


Full of wonderment I said to Griff: 'I have a golden bug in my hand!'

He reacted with smiling disbelieve, saying: 'Yeah, right...!' 

So I held my hand out and showed it to him, he saw it and with a different type of disbelieve he busted out: 'Well - I be d....!'


Then very gently I put that bug back where I found it and - there where two more bugs, seemingly waiting for the golden one to come back, but they were a different color: one was metallic red and gold, the other one metallic rainbow color with golden flecks in it!


Once they were together again they kind of flew away - but we did not really see them taking off - almost just like disappearing - Maybe some kind of dimension hopping also?

But I never before heard anything about 'mystical' golden bugs, did anybody of you?


This Happening is true also and I will never ever forget this because at that moment I experienced such a grand feeling of serenity and wonderment and it left me with a kind of deep 'Knowing' - where before there was a knowing, but sometimes still mixed with a hint of doubt.

This for sure is gone now!


Love and hugs,

Veronika twb