This is a reply from me to my son, after he had a conversation with my son in law.

My daughter forwarded this to me, because she found it so funny. Unfortunately,

I don't have the original, how this conversation started, but here my reply:

Dear Sir Francis and beloved daughter Lady Tony, also my Dear Lord – ah, I mean Peer -  shape shifting son,


It is always surprising  for me - even in my position as Godmother – to see the developments of my royal children unfold right in front of my very own eyes.


Take for instance you, my son – to you I gave the abilities to handle the oldest and largest enterprise – no, not this one, -  you see, the majority of the human race think that the second oldest enterprise is the first one – oh, what a misconception, but that is human nature to see the entertaining part of enterprises as the oldest   – anyway, the oldest and largest enterprise:


 - To run the universe and with it also Earth and all its minute problems, for instance to work instant miracles when the entire flight crew is on strike or when Prof. Hotomoto Oinkoyotokoto had the experimental business with the Geisha girls (remember second oldest enterprise) and the Sumo wrestler Hootcheeto Kootcheeto, (who found that inflatable love doll in his bed instead  the girl of the group, who’s secret husband he was  – or was it the occupation of that girl that was secret? ) had to sit on him to squeeze the living – uh … – out of him and you, my son, had to intervene by sending him a fast heart attack before the intended result actually happened.


By the way, my son, you could have had it much easier if you would have consulted the oldest intuitive overseeing universal  wisdom – me -  first, before you gave your son – and my grandson – Jesse the authority to be your right hand and help you with your company Earth – you see the result of that new trend of  free-will-and-so-stuff: Jesse is disappearing when you need him and comes running when he’s in trouble.


But that is the trouble with you children: don’t ask your mother –  ahhhh, I remember the good old times when there was still Gaia and before you was Goddess – me! What a peaceful time that was!


But you just had to bundle up with your colleges Zeus and Jupiter and Thor and Ra and Odin – what macho strike that was and only possible because of your and Zeus’ and the other’s shape shifting games, you all could not do it in your natural form and straight forward – had to take over, change Gaia to Earth and everything went down the drain from then on: just look how we lost Mu and Atlantis (they are still somewhere down in the gullies) and look what happened with the great flood you called a great idea of yours, all it did is to create a big controversy nowadays in the world of science, if the boat they found close to Ararat was actually Noah’s or rather the fragments in the desert - which could also be leftovers from ET’s visit   – yes, everything down the drain, I say!